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About Us

Earth N Water Landscapes has been in the business for 21 years, designing and constructing indoor and outdoor garden living areas.

We engage in all aspects of Landscaping, stonework, pebble features, water features, pool surroundings, paving, walling, decking, Bali Pavilions, plant selections, irrigation, lighting and so much more.

Our team consists of individuals who are passionate about landscaping and creating a desirable garden haven.

Our purpose is to turn ‘the vision’ into reality and create a beautiful and functional garden you’ve always wanted.

Our Approach

In the hustle and bustle of daily life our garden is a sanctuary, a place we can relax and entertain family and friends.

This is why it is very important that your garden is an outdoor room witch is in harmony with your home. At Earthnwater we believe that every garden and its owners are unique. Getting to know our clients and their particular needs is crucial to the success of a good landscape and garden design.pic1b
Whether your garden is large or small, and is in need of renovation or is still a blank canvas, Earthnwater landscape designs will provide you with a personal and friendly service and a range of innovative and practical solutions for all your outdoor requirements.

What to do

The first step is to book a Design Consultation with our Landscape designer. During this meeting, we will listen to you and give an honest appraisal of your garden, and landscaping needs. We will offer ideas about changes to an excising lay-out or a complete new one, together with suggestions regarding suitable plants and how the garden can be developed to reach full potential. Most of all you will be informed on how the new changes can be tailored to suit you and your budget.

This is also an opportunity for clients to see portfolio of varied projects, showing the design process from beginning to completion, and an idea of the budgets for these gardens.

Following this meeting you will be sent you details of the Design Fee to Master Plan stage, and a brief report of the garden and its requirements and all the main objectives and proposed changes, outlining all or any problem areas and how they can be solved.

pic1d1. The Brief: this follows on from the previous meeting; the aim is to consider all the changes and landscaping possibilities and to make sure that all your requirements are incorporated into the new Design. This is an enjoyable beginning to the process of how your garden can be transformed into either a family friendly garden, a relaxing place to entertain friends or a peaceful oasis to return to at the end of a busy day. Don't worry if you're not too sure what you want, we'll listen to your requirements and use our experience and skills to help you to see the possibilities.


2. The Survey: Once stage one is agreed on, the survey and site appraisal are carried out to produce a scaled plan of the existing garden or landscape. This is a vital document because the new landscape design and all calculations are based on it. It includes measurements of the site, existing features and changes. Simple sites are surveyed by us, though a more complex one might require a professional land surveyor.


3. The Draft Plan: An outline plan of your new landscaped garden or area is drawn to scale, using information from the previous meeting. Samples of materials and sketches are included to help you visualize what your new garden will look like. This is the opportunity to discuss the proposal and make minor changes where necessary, avoiding costly amendments at a later stage.


4. The Master Plan: This is the final drawing, a detailed plan showing the new lay-out including paths, paving, planted areas, plant list, structures such as pergolas, water features, stone work, existing and new ponds and sheds.


5 Building the Garden: Once the final plan has been approved,. all required construction plans are drawn up. These drawings, together with the detailed written specifications provide our builder with the information necessary to complete all the landscaping the work. In some cases where outside contractors might be needed we will act as your representative on site, briefing the contractor and monitoring the building of the garden to ensure that the design and landscaping is realized and how you envisioned it to be.

6. The Planting Plan: This is a detailed lay-out and schedule of appropriate plants to suit your garden, their size, exact numbers and location in the garden. We will supply and plant only quality plants and flowers sourced from trusted nurseries that we use regularly.


7. Options: We can also provide you with information regarding garden furniture, plant pots and containers, kids play equipment and all the items that are necessary to suit your lifestyle.


Design Process

We provide a professional and personal landscape design service. It includes a series of on-site meetings to involve the client and to identify needs at every stage opic1cf the design development. We can provide professional drawings, 3D sketches, site survey, sketches, appraisal and soil analysis on request or prior to the completion of the final plan to ensure the designer's interpretation matches the client's expectations.

At Earthnwater we provided an expert and detailed advice for all your planting requirements from a small border to a large garden. Whether you want a garden full of colour, scent, attractive to wildlife, low in maintenance or rich all year round, Earthnwater Designs will provide you will a creative solution by selecting suitable plants and flowers witch will then be planted for you.

All our plans come complete with botanical and common names, a description of habit and a maintenance schedule. We can supply and plant a full range of semi-mature and mature trees and specimens according to your needs and requirements.

Once the design stage has been successfully completed, construction can commence. This service will ensure successful implementation of the plan under the direction of our landscape designer. At Earthnwater we will complete the vision and construct your garden according to the plan or your own specification.

All work is carried out to a working schedule or budget. We employ an expert landscape team who are highly dedicated professionals offering a landscape construction services 'second to none'. For our clients who wish to do it them self's we can provide design plans that can easily be interpreted by customers who wish to develop their own gardens. If you have any questions regarding anything, please give us a call at any time as we are here to help and service all your landscaping needs.