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Design and Construction Services

Earth N Water will provide design and quotation as outlined below:

Contact Us
Contact us to set a firm time to discuss your project on site.

Site Visit
At the initial site visit, we will view your site, take measurements and exchange ideas. We will discuss your vision with you and suggest what works in your lifestyle, project budget etc. If you have an idea of your budget prior to these discussions, then let us know. By the end of this initial consultation, we will know what you are looking for and progress with the design.

After our initial consultation we will provide you with landscape drawing. The drawings include drainage, lighting, structural layouts, as well as a full planting plan.

We will work with you and offer you different options and budgets.

Once you had advised us that you are ready for the next step, a written quotation detailing all the works with individual pricing is presented to you for further discussion.

When all parties are happy with the plan and the final figures have been submitted, construction can begin.

Extra Service
When the project is completed we can assist you in maintaining your garden haven.

Our special completion service will provide you with information and demonstration on maintenance, so that you can enjoy your garden in the premium condition for many years to come.



Once the design stage has been successfully completed, construction can commence. This service will ensure successful implementation of the plan under the direction of our landscape designer. At Earth N Water we will complete the vision and construct your garden according to the plan or your own specification. All work is carried out to a working schedule or budget.pic2a


Maintenance Schedule

A garden is organic and develops continually over time, so it makes sense to have a plan to help you manage the garden. The schedule comprises a month-by-month timetable of how to care for your plants and what to do to keep the garden looking lovely. As the garden develops we can review and advise about the on-going care by making regular visits.


Landscape Theme

A set landscape theme will make your garden flow without any mix match.
We will create an area that makes you forget the hustle and bustle of your busy life. Chose a theme that you like, it may be Tropical, Balinese, Resort Style living, Modern, Contemporary, Formal. To choose a theme for your garden is a good starting point when designing a garden.


Courtyards & lounge areas

Court yards are wonderful private areas which can be transformed into your own little scene or get away.
Go to France for the day! Earth N Water will create your favourite country in your own backyard. pic2c


Roof top Gardens

Earth N Water is committed to the principles of sustainable landscape development and garden designing. We can create rooftop gardens that are more than just a beautiful retreat but a great addition in highly dense urban spaces. With the help of water tanks all your rainwater can also be captured to avoid excessive water run-off, mixing with sewage, and proved irrigation for all your gardening needs.


Excavation & earthworks & site survey

On of the most important stages in a garden makeover or construction is the site set out and survey. The crucial points, lines and levels will be established to transform your garden area. The work might be a small hand excavation or large scale excavation/earthworks. For the large scale works, we will utilise machines like bobcats and excavators. The work is completed in line with the site survey that has been established for you. These works are the foundations for your garden.



Whether it is footing for a wall, core filling walls, paths, driveways or even polished concrete, it is all used for compressive strength. We form up; install steel of any specified grades and concrete with all different finishes. By certainty, Earth N Water provides outstanding high quality concreting that only comes from years of experience. pic2d


Paving & tiling

Paving and tiling is a fundamental part of any landscaped garden. The pavers and tiles all comes in a full range of shapes and colours for your garden. We make use of a wide range of materials, shapes and colours in paths, patios and driveway constructions. The materials used vary from reconstructed stone to real stone. Some of the common materials used are Bluestone, Cobblestone, Cotto, Granite, Pebbles, Sandstone, Porphyry, and Split stone, Terrazzo, Limestone, and Travertine. Marble, lava stone, coral stone, basalt, silt stone, pebble features and a full range of brick products.


Brickwork & stonework

We use bricks and stones in a multitude of ways - as a curved or straight edge to a patio or path, for raised flower beds, in steps or simply to add colour and texture. If you have any questions regarding new yard or project or simply adding something to a current yard, please give us a call or drop us an email. We are happy to provide you with information or quotes or any sized job.

Some of the common materials used for flooring are Bluestone, Cobblestone, Cotto, Granite, Pebbles, Sandstone, Porphyry, and Split stone, Terrazzo, Limestone, and Travertine.


Retaining walls & feature walls

Masonry, timber and different kinds of stone. We source the highest quality of stone, some of the materials used are: Stackpic2b stone, Alpine stone, Cotto, Dry stone, Free form, Pebbles, Split stone, Random Ashlar. We specialize in Stone paving, stone capping, stone walls, rock facing, dry packed stone walls, stone wall panels, formal stone work, Sydney stone, diamond cut, flagging, sawn stone, stepping stones, pebbles features.


Decks & timberwork

Earth N Water Designs specialize in the design and construction of a range of top quality decking systems to suit your lifestyle and budget. As an independent company, we can offer you the widest possible choice of decking materials. We work with a number of high quality suppliers to offer the best decking materials available. If you already have a preferred material and/or supplier, we would be happy to work with them, too. To give you an idea of the variety of woods used for decking, please give us a call or send an email.


Bali huts, pergolas and outdoor timber structures

Timber structure in your garden can create a depth to your landscape. These can be functional retreats for shade or a plant structure. Examples are Bali huts, pergolas, car ports and tea houses.


Water Features & ponds

Water features can range from purely decorative, sculpted stone, bubble pools, to planted ponds attracting wildlife and providing endless interest for the garden. From concept to completion you'll be in good hands. With our advanced knowledge and many years experience in design. With our professional sketches you can see your water feature or pond take shape. We specialise and create individual water features, waterfalls, garden fish ponds, natural swimming pools, fountains, bubble walls, reverse water walls, sculpted water ways and water columns.


We have the years of experience and knowledge of unique natural materials to create from, such as stainless steel, copper, acrylic, stone, sand, pebbles, glass and a host of others.pic2h


We don't just design your water feature, we install and where needed can maintain the feature throughout its lifecycle, with regular checks and adjustments to ensure that your water feature will remain operating as it did on day one. If you can provide us with a space and a budget we can provide a tailor made water feature display that will become an eye catching centre piece in any garden or location.


Pool surrounds, Pools, Swimgym

Earth N Water is experts in transforming your pool area into your dream lifestyle. Pool themes and landscape work together to flow with the environment. We are now the proud agents and installers of SwimGym, the world's best exercise swimming pool.


Lighting and Garden Electrics

Our electricians are fully accredited and we can supply a wide range of electrical services for all gardens and back yards. They include lighting, power supply for water features, garden plug points, distribution to sheds and workshops.


Drainage, soil improvement & irrigation

Drainage and irrigation is a fundamental part of any landscape. Without the correct drainage, your area may become boggy and stale. This may cause many issues relating to structural and environmental problems.pic2f Irrigation is a great way to ensure your beautiful plants receiving the water they need to thrive, especially on those hot summer days when you are on holidays.


Planting & turfing

At Earthnwater we provided an expert and detailed advice for all your planting requirements from a small border to a large garden. Whether you want a garden full of colours, scent, attractive to wildlife, low in maintenance or rich all year round, Earthnwater Designs will provide you will a creative solution by selecting suitable plants and flowers which will then be planted for you.



After creating the garden of your dreams, maintaining your garden, deck or pond, is essential to get the best out of your own new lifestyle. Just as we need to maintain everything else in our life to ensure smooth easy living.